DIY No Sew Embellished T-Shirt

Happy fall, y'all! Ok, being from NY I don't say normally say "y'all", but this seemed like the perfect time to try it out. Fall is my favorite season. I love the leaves changing colors, the weather getting slightly cooler, and the amazing roundup of holidays in such a short timeframe!

With the busy hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I don't have time to construct a perfect outfit. I've gotta be comfy and ready for anything! T-shirts are my go-to fashion choice, because of how easy and versatile they are. You can wear them to work, to dinner & drinks, and to go shopping. But wouldn't it be nice if you could give your t-shirt an upgrade so you're not wearing the same thing over and over again, without having to bust out a sewing machine? Well friends, look no further! This no-sew embellished t-shirt features some of our favorite things- tees, tassels, and pom pom trim! Plus, two of my fave colors- pink and turquoise! And, it's all thanks to this Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse.

Embellished Tee 14.jpg

You will need:

Embellished Tee 1.jpg

T-shirt (here)
Peel N Stick Fabric Fuse (here
Fringe Trim (here or similar here)
Pink Pom Pom Trim (here or similar here)
Scissors (here)


Embellished Tee Collage.jpg
  • Measure your fringe trim so that it goes along the entire collar of your shirt
  • Add a little extra and cut the trim. I found that I had just enough to go around with the extra, so I guess the collar somehow got smaller being laid down!
  • Measure your Pom Pom trim to the same length, and cut. 
  • Roll out some small pieces of the adhesive, and cut it into narrower strips. I cut each strip into thirds vertically. 
  • Place it along your tassel trim. I didn't put it along the entire length, but every inch or so I stuck a piece down.
Embellished Tee 8.jpg
  • Once all your adhesive has been placed down, go piece by piece, removing the wax liner and pressing down the Pom Pom trim to adhere the two trims together. 
  • Cut pieces of adhesive in half lengthwise and place them end to end along the collar of your shirt. I didn't leave any gaps here so that the trim wouldn't fall off the shirt. 
  • Once all your adhesive has been placed down, starting at the front, peel off the wax liner and start pressing down your trim. Repeat until the whole collar is covered. (Note: for a v-neck, I started front and center, since that's where the seam is. For a crew neck, you can probably start in the back and wrap around to create a smooth, seam free "necklace" of trim).
Embellished Tee 15.jpg

And that's all there is to it! It's seriously fun to spruce up any article of clothing, and then you get to proudly tell people "I made it!" when they ask where it's from. I think these would also make a great gift for a friend- matching BFF tees! Or, it would be perfect for a craft night. If the whole collar is a bit much for you, try getting a pocket tee and adding the trim along the top of the pocket for a little bit of POP. 

What's your favorite item to spruce up? Tees? Jeans? Shoes? Let me know in the comments below!