Welcome to Party HarDIY!

Oh hey... We're Moving! Well, the blog is. 

PHD launch3.jpg

I'm so excited to announce that WellKeptChaos is now Party HarDIY. 

Why Party HarDIY?

The name came about when I was looking for a fun email sign-off. I wanted it to be silly and party related, so I came up with Party HarDIY. I suddenly realized that this name stood for exactly what my blog was about- party ideas, DIY projects, and being a little bit cheesy. Ok, very cheesy. I got really excited, with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. I realized this was the perrrrrfect name for my silly little blog, and that I had to make the change. Well, after some deliberation, I finally decided to bite the bullet and get that done. 

The Good News:

The content is going to stay the same. You'll still get awesome party ideas and DIY projects that you LOVE.

Oh, and I'm still here. That's right, your favorite hostess is still going to be here, yapping about DIY's, giving advice, and throwing amazing parties. I'll also still be offering my virtual party planning services so that your parties can be as stellar as you are.

Catherine 3.jpg

What's Changing:

Well, for starters, our logo in the corner is different, and soon our URL will be too. I'm still working out the best way to make the switch, so if you have any advice, send it over my way!

My social media channels made the switch today! You can now find us @PartyHarDIY on all the social media channels- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Be sure to follow us!

Oh, and my name changed too! I just got married in September, so Catherine Sarlis has become Catherine Cardona. 

New Stuff:

As if all this wasn't enough, there's a few new things coming up the pipeline!

For starters... I'm opening up a shop. That's right, soon you'll be able to purchase your very own PartyHarDIY goodies!! The exact details will have to stay a secret for now (darn!) but I promise it's gonna be really good. You don't want to miss out, so join the wait list, and you'll be the very first to know what's going down! 

School's out for summer.... but soon it'll be back in session! I'm creating some e-courses to teach you about a few different topics. I always imagined I'd become a teacher when I was a kid, so it's only fitting that I start teaching classes!  Soon enough, you'll be able to get a PHD all your own (get it... PartyHarDIY?). In the meantime, you can sign up for my Party Planning E-Course (which is totally free, by the way) and learn how to plan the very best soiree- all on your own!

I'll definitely keep you guys updated as all the changes happen, but I'm so excited/relieved to reveal this secret that I've been hiding for a while now! I'm so excited to see the new direction of the blog, and I hope you all continue to follow along!

Easy Striped Halloween Art

It's FALL!!! Halloween is almost here!!! YAYYYY!

Ok, I think I'm a little bit too excited about Halloween, but I just can't help it. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and fall is my favorite season! This week, I whipped out my Halloween decorations, and started to decorate. While I love the traditional black and orange, I wanted something with a little more color to add a pop to my usual Halloween decor. Lucky for me, I knew just what to do! And lucky for you, I made a DIY for ya ;)

While I love the traditional black and orange, I wanted something with a little more color to add a pop to my usual Halloween decor. Click to check out the easy DIY!

You will need:

Striped Halloween Art 1.jpg

Square canvas (here)
Glitter Paper (from the craft store, similar here)
X-Acto Knife (here)
1" Painter's Tape (here)
T-Square or Ruler (here)
Neon Paint (similar here)
Scissors (here)
Paint Brush

How to:

1. Using your T-Square or ruler, make lines going across the sides of your canvas at every inch. Flip it, and make lines on the other side. We are doing this so that we know where our tape needs to go without making lines on the front. We want our lines to be as straight as possible!

2. Add your tape, starting at one end, wrapping across the front, and lining up on the other side. Press it down so the paint doesn't sneak in like mine did ;)

3. Paint your canvas, making sure to get the sides too. I found the neon paint to be a bit thin, so I did a few coats. 

4. When your paint is dry, peel off the tape .

4. Create large letters on your computer and print. I did EEK because it would be easier to cut out, but you can do anything! I cut out my printed letters, traced them onto the glitter paper (BACKWARDS!) and then cut them out using scissors, and an X-Acto knife for the smaller parts. I use this cutting mat to protect my work surface and love it! 

Striped Halloween Art Xacto.jpg

5. Hot glue your letters onto your canvas. You'll want to make marks so it's centered, by making a very faint line on the canvas and then gluing the letter right on top.

Striped Halloween Art 10.jpg

"Eye" hope you liked this post! If you're not into the whole neon Halloween thing, you can definitely change it up to the classic black and orange. Or, if Halloween isn't your thing at all, you can make one of these and use it as a monogram decor in your home! The possibilities are endless. You can make these for every holiday! Especially if you get the canvases on sale with a coupon from Michael's (which is what I did!)

Striped Halloween Art 12.jpg
Striped Halloween Art 13a.jpg

What's your favorite color combo for Halloween? Do you like to keep it classic? Try new things? Hate Halloween in general? Let me know in the comments below!

Colorful Fall Pumpkin Wreath

Hey everyone! I'm back from my wedding and honeymoon, and suddenly it's fall. I mean, it feels like summer but the trees are changing colors, the kids are back in school, and I'm already working on my Halloween costume. 

In order to celebrate this weird Summer-Fall hybrid, I crafted a colorful pumpkin wreath to bridge the gap between the seasons. It's got a few of my favorite things- bright colors, pumpkins, and POM POMS!! It's a little kooky, but all the best people are ;)

You can find the full blog post over on Giggles Galore, so be sure to head over there and take a look!

WKC Pumpkin Wreath 13.jpg

I used the spray painted pumpkins from my Glam Friendsgiving Party as inspiration for this wreath. I loved having some fun pumpkins around my house last year, so I wanted to create something that would show them off to everyone that passed by.

WKC Pumpkin Wreath 2.jpg

I love how gorgeous and bright these pumpkins are! While I love traditional holiday colors, I also think it's really fun to break the mold and try to capture the spirit of the season with a completely different color palette.

WKC Pumpkin Wreath 3.jpg
WKC Pumpkin Wreath 16.jpg

Be sure to head on over to Giggles Galore for the full tutorial!

Easy Football Party Crafts

Is it football season yet? I only know the fall for pumpkin picking, apple cider everything, and the ability to totally switch up my wardrobe. However, I know there's a whoooole bunch of people that love it for football! My fiancé is one of those people, so once in a while we hang out with the gang and watch a football game. He's a "less is more" type of guy, and I'm a "what else can we add?" type of gal, so I came up with a happy medium. 

Is it football season yet? I whipped up these easy crafts for your next football gathering. They're quick to make, and feature craft supplies you probably have at home. They're perfect for a mini football party! Click for the DIY.

I whipped up these easy crafts for Mariah at Giggles Galore. They're quick to make, and feature craft supplies you probably have at home. They're perfect for a mini football party. This month, I did not one, but TWO blog posts for her! You can find them here and here.

Is it football season yet? I whipped up these easy crafts for your next football gathering. They're quick to make, and feature craft supplies you probably have at home. They're perfect for a mini football party! Click for the DIY.

So be sure to head over to Giggles Galore now to see how to make these Easy Football Party Crafts and Football Flag Stirrers and Cups.

Wedding Planning Update- Less than 1 Week!

The wedding is only a few days away, and I truly cannot believe it. It feels surreal, and I can't wrap my head around it. I don't know what to do! Here's what happened the last few weeks, in my very last wedding planning update!!!! 

I got sick. Twice. 

I went with my sister to Mexico, and caught a stomach bug. I was on antibiotics for a few days, during which I felt absolutely dreadful. The whole she-bang lasted about a week and a half and I finally felt better in time for my bachelorette party. Fast forward a week and I've got a sore throat and a bunch of people at my job are sick. That sore throat turned into a full on cold- we're talking runny nose, body aches, cough... the works. Why me!? It's ok though, because I'm determined to stay healthy (hah!) for the wedding. Throwing all the positive vibes out there!

I called all my vendors. 

I set up calls with all my vendors to follow up on all the services we will be receiving, the time they'll be arriving, and payment due dates. I also informed them of any last minute changes that happened. It's reassuring to check all the boxes and make sure that everything will be perfect on the big day! 


I had my bachelorette party. 

Aside from my "sister bonding trip" to Mexico, I had my bachelorette party! My sister planned it amazingly. She did a tropical flamingo and pineapple theme, and she decorated our hotel room beautifully. It's such a shame that our hotel room had such terrible lighting, but don't worry. I collected everything she brought (except the balloons) and I'll be doing a blog post about it for you guys! 

Planning for the unknown

As the forecast changes every 2 minutes, I'm basically unsure what the weather will be like on Saturday. Will it rain? Please no! It's an outdoor ceremony! As I beg the weather Gods to throw me a bone here, I have to plan for a rainy day wedding. I'm ordering cute umbrellas for the photos, planning decor for an indoor ceremony, looking up rainy day wedding photos for inspiration. I even ordered myself a cute pair of rain boots! 


Tying up loose ends

I've spent the last few weeks running around to get everything done. I really wish I didn't leave so much for this week (or like, anything besides getting my nails done) because it would have been nice to be able to relax and rest instead! My fiancé luckily did not catch my cold, so he's been extraordinarily helpful and I really owe him one! 


I said yes.jpg

Picking up my dress

Since I've basically been sick all of August, I've been losing weight like crazy and my dress doesn't fit! I was supposed to pick it up on Saturday, but I lost enough weight within 2 weeks that it was falling off of me. I started doubting that I picked the right dress, sine I couldn't even sit it in properly! I was very nervous to pick it up this week, since I've been sick and barely eating all week and I couldn't imagine it fitting. Luckily it fit perfectly, and I can't wait to wear it!! 

Finalizing the seating chart

We had a few last minute additions to our guest list (yay!) so we adjusted our seating chart and began working on creating the tags. My printer decided to suddenly stop working (fun!) so I might just get that new printer I always wanted. We're thinking of getting this one! It's affordable, prints over the wifi, 

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Final Thoughts

My catch phrase for the past week has been "no rest for the weary". I really just need a nap but there's so much to do! Nonetheless- I need to feel better, so I'm getting all the rest I can get. Whatever doesn't get done won't really matter in the end, but how I feel on that day is important!! 

Phew! Can you believe this is my last update before the wedding!? I kinda can't. I'm only sliiightly excited for the wedding, mostly because the dominant feeling is terrified. I really hope I get better in the next few days!! 

Any other brides out there leave stuff for the last minute? Anything that you gave up on since there just wasn't enough time? Let me know in the comments!